Announcement of the Reference VWAP for the Tender Offer

On 10 October 2023, the reported closing price of the Ordinary Shares on Euronext Amsterdam was EUR 84.20 per Ordinary Share.

The volume weighted average market price at which Exor’s Ordinary Shares traded on Euronext Amsterdam (the “Volume-Weighted Average Price” or “VWAP”) during the period from 09:00 CET on 14 September 2023 to 17:40 CET (inclusive) on 10 October 2023 (i.e., the first nineteen (19) trading days of the Tender Offer Period) was EUR 84.5217 per Ordinary Share (the “Reference VWAP”). The price corresponding to a three (3) per cent. discount over the Reference VWAP (the "Minimum Price") is EUR 81.9860 per Ordinary Share and the price corresponding to a ten (10) per cent. premium over the Reference VWAP (the " Maximum Price") is EUR 92.9738 per Ordinary Share.

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