Shareholders’ Meeting

- EXOR S.p.A. financial statements approved with a profit of €92.7 million
- Dividends declared: €0.335 for each share
- Renewal of authorization for purchase and disposal of treasury shares approved
The Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of EXOR S.p.A., presided over by Chairman John Elkann, met today in Turin and approved the separate financial statements at December 31, 2013, which closed with a net profit of €92.7 million (€150.5 million in 2012).
The shareholders’ meeting approved the payment of dividends equal to €0.335 for each share, for a total maximum amount of €74.5 million to be drawn from 2013 net profit. The proposed dividends will become payable to shares outstanding, excluding shares held directly by EXOR S.p.A., beginning June 26, 2014 (ex-dividend date June 23) and paid to the shareholders of record on June 25, 2014.
The financial statements are available on the Company website
The shareholders’ meeting then approved the Compensation Report pursuant to art. 123-ter of Legislative Decree 58/98. The resolution was passed for the renewal of the authorization for the purchase and disposal of EXOR treasury shares: the Company may purchase on the market, for 18 months from the resolution by the shareholders, shares for a maximum number such as not to exceed the limit set by law, for a maximum disbursement of €450 million, at a price of not less than or not more than 10% of the reference price recorded by the share in the stock market trading session of the day prior to each single transaction, or in the event of a public tender offer or exchange, on the day the announcement is made to the public. Therefore, the authorization for the purchase and disposal of treasury shares approved by the shareholders’ meeting on May 30, 2013 for the part not used is considered revoked.
It should be recalled that on this past May 15 the Board of Directors’ meeting approved, under the above resolution, a treasury stock buyback program for a maximum disbursement of €200 million.
Every decision relative to the purchases, including the timing of such purchases, the volume and the unit prices, fall under the exclusive discretion of EXOR.
Today in the afternoon at 16 CET, Chairman John Elkann will illustrate EXOR’s and its subsidiaries’ performance and outlook to analysts and institutional investors by conference call in English. The call is live, and will later be recorded, on the Company’s website, where the illustrative documentation on the presentation will also be available.

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