Buy back

Within the frame of the buy back programme announced on May 30, 2013 EXOR communicates that the following number of shares has been purchased:

Thursday 13 June: 24,000 EXOR ordinary shares at the average price of € 23.59, 5,100 EXOR preferred shares at the average price of € 23.59 and 750 EXOR saving shares at the average price of € 23.55, including fees.

From the beginning of the programme the total number of ordinary shares purchased amounts to 3,790,857, the total number of preferred shares purchased amounts to 823,400 and the total number of saving shares purchased amounts to 184,100 for a total invested amount of approx. € 105,1 million.

EXOR currently holds 10,519,857 ordinary shares (6.56% of the class), 12,514,084 preferred shares (16.29% of the class) and 849,805 saving shares (9.27% of the class).

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