Filing of EXOR’s lists for Juventus FC BoD and Board of Statutory Auditors

In view of Juventus Football Club S.p.A. Shareholders’ Meeting, which will be held on October 26th, the shareholder EXOR has filed the following list of candidates for the renewal of the Board of Directors:

1. Camillo Venesio (Independent Director)

2. Andrea Agnelli

3. Maurizio Arrivabene (Independent Director)

4. Giulia Bongiorno (Independent Director)

5. Paolo Garimberti (Independent Director)

6. Assia Grazioli-Venier (Independent Director)

7. Giuseppe Marotta

8. Aldo Mazzia

9. Pavel Nedved

10. Enrico Vellano

Furthermore, EXOR has filed its list of candidates for the appointment of the new Board of Statutory Auditors:

Section 1: candidates as Standing Auditors

  1. Paolo Piccatti
  2. Silvia Lirici
  3. Roberto Longo

Section 2: candidates as Alternate Auditors

  1. Roberto Petrignani
  2. Nicoletta Paracchini

Attached here are the biographies of the new candidates.

Maurizio Arrivabene

Born in Brescia on March 7, 1957. After a 20 years work experience in Italy and abroad in Marketing and Promotions, in 1997 he joined Philip Morris EU, in Lausanne, first as Manager Event Marketing and then as Director and Vice President. In 2007 he was appointed Vice Chairman of Marlboro Global Communication & Promotions for Philip Morris International and since 2011 he has been serving as Vice Chairman Consumer Channel Strategy and Event Manager. Since 2010 he has been a member of F1 Commission, representing F1 sponsors. Since 2011 he has been also a member of the Sport Business Academy (SDA Bocconi School of Management and RCS Sport) , in the Advisory Team Program.

Giulia Bongiorno

Born in Palermo on March 22, 1966. Grown- up in a family of attorneys, she graduated in June 1989 with full marks. In July 1992 she became a criminal lawyer, winning the gold gown, an award for the best new lawyers. In 1995 she joined the Defence Andreotti in Palermo and Perugia trials. She mainly worked on criminal law, and in particular on “white collar crimes”. She is an expert in planning and updating organization and management models, provided by Leg. Dec. 231/2001 ( Administrative Responsibility of Companies).She also works on sport law and legal actions in front of sports justice bodies. Together with the Magistrate Roberto Garofali, she is the curator of the book series “ Casi di penale. Atti e pareri”, a practical manual used for the preparation of aspiring lawyers , edited by “Nel Diritto Editore”. In 2005 she published “Nient’altro che la verità. Come il processo Andreotti ha cambiato la mia vita”(Rizzoli), a diary rich in anecdotes, considerations and personal thoughts. She run as a independent candidate for Alleanza Nazionale party and in 2006 she was elected to the Chamber of Deputies: during the XV Legislature she was a member of the Commission for Justice and of the Judicial Council. In 2008 she was reelected to the Chamber of Deputies (XVI Legislature): she is the President of the Commission for Justice, a member of the Parliament Committee for charges against MPs and a member of the Board of Appeal (judicial body of the Chamber). In 2007, together with Michelle Hunziker, she created the Foundation “Doppia Difesa”, with the purpose of helping women who are victims of violence, abuse of power and discriminations, both at home and at work. Later “Doppia Difesa” has also widen its activity in favour of young people and it launched an important project of cooperation with the Hospital Fatebenefratelli of Rome.

Paolo Garimberti

He was born in Levanto (La Spezia) on February 2, 1943. He graduated with honors in Law at the University of Genoa with a thesis project in constitutional law. He started his career as journalist at the age of 20, during his studies, at “Corriere Mercantile” of Genoa, one of the oldest Italian newspapers. During his career, he held various important positions at “La Stampa”, where he has worked for 17 years, at “La Repubblica” as Assistant Editor and at Espresso Group. In the Seventies he wrote two books: “Il dissenso nell’Europa orientale prima e dopo Helsinki” (Vallecchi, 1977) and “I partiti comunisti nell’Europa meridionale, la Lega jugoslava” (Mulino, 1979, translated into four languages). From 1988 to 1993, he was an analyst of International politics for Tg3, making live commentaries on the Urss’s transformation, the communist regimes collapse in Eastern Europe, the Gulf War and the “golpe” of Moscow in August 1991. In November 1993 he was appointed Director of Tg2, where he worked for one year. He was also visiting professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Genoa in the academic year 1992-1993. On March 25, 2009 he was appointed Chairman of Rai, holding this position until July 2012. Since December 16, 2011 he has been serving as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Euronews, a news european multilingual television channel , based in Lyon. Since may 16, 2012 he has been also Chairman of Juventus Museum.

Assia Grazioli-Venier

She was born in Rome on July 31, 1980. She obtained a degree in human sciences with honors at the Columbia University in New York (Bernard College). She completed her studies attending the Emerging Leaders Program, a study-program in General Management for young entrepreneurs, at the London Business School. During her work experience she held various positions in different business areas: new media, marketing, music. She founded Flypaper, a brand agency for music and new media strategies management. She is Business Development Director of ATC Management and MMF (Music Managers Forum), where she is also a member of the executive committee. Since 2008 she has been working with various IT, Media and Fashion companies, in strategic and sales innovation, and currently she is also a consultant at Spotify. Before starting the Flypaper project, she was one of the pioneer s of “made-for-mobile” contents creation at Inventa, a company of the Buongiorno! Group. In 2007 she headed Ministry of Sound Radio, and then she created and launched Ministry of Sound TV, the first provider of IPTV contents for musical entertainment. She is also a member of the NSPCC Art Ball (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) Committee and she is a strong promoter of art and young talents.

Enrico Vellano

Enrico Vellano was born in Torino in 1967. He graduated in Economics at the University of Torino. In 1992 he started his professional career at Arthur Andersen. In 1995 he joined SAI Assicurazioni where he specialized in the management of equities and bonds portfolios. In 1997 he started his working experience at IFIL Finanziaria di Partecipazioni S.p.A., where he held charges more and more important until 2006 when he was named Chief Financial Officer of EXOR S.p.A., the company born from the merger of IFIL S.p.A. into IFI S.p.A.. He is in the board member of Emittenti Titoli S.p.A and Almacantar.

Silvia Lirici

Born in Parma on March 13, 1970, she graduated with honors in 1994 in Economics and Business, with a specialization in Law, at the State University of Parma. Since 2000 she has been enrolled in the Register of Professional Accountants of Milan, working as accounting professional.

From 1995 to 2007 she worked in the Legal and Fiscal Office CBA of Milan.

Since 2007 she has been working as accounting professional.

Nicoletta Paracchini

Graduated in Management and Business Admistration at the University of Turin with a thesis on Mutual Funds. From 1985 to 1991 she worked for Ersel Spa, Giubergia's Financial Company, as a financial analyst where she was responsible for analysing the technical performance of key listed companies. She gained excellent knowledge of financial markets and in the evaluation of companies and the procedures used for the listing of equity securities. She has been a fully qualified chartered accountant since 1993 which she is currently practising. She is registered as a professional accountant in the "Ordine di Torino" and is an expert and consultant at the Court of Turin and member of the Arbitration Chamber of the Turin Chamber of Commerce. She is a consultant for numerous corporate and non-profit organisations and hold various positions as a liquidator, standing statutory auditor and auditor for non-commercial entities. She has valuable experience in extraordinary corporate transactions, tax litigation and gives assistance during tax audits.

She has recently founded, together with other professionals, Set Forward Group Srl, a company that offers business consultancy to distressed companies in order to maintain business continuity.

She is also Standing Statutory Auditor in industrial, commercial and finance companies of the Oreal Group, Lavazza Group and Fiat Group, and in Sicme Motori Srl, Eredi Campidonico SpA, Agricola Perazzo & Bresciani Srl.

She is also Chairman of Statutory Auditors in Aston Srl and in Argimonia Spa.

She has been recently appointed Standing Statutory Auditor in Exor SpA, an investment company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.

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