Filing of EXOR’s list of candidates for the BoD

With reference to next Annual General Meeting, which will be held on May 29th, EXOR hereby reports that the shareholder Giovanni Agnelli e C. has filed the following list of candidates for the renewal of the EXOR’s Board of Directors:

  • Victor Bischoff (Independent Director)
  • Andrea Agnelli
  • Vittorio Avogadro di Collobiano
  • Tiberto Brandolini d'Adda
  • Giuseppina Capaldo (Independent Director)
  • John Elkann
  • Luca Ferrero Ventimiglia
  • Mina Gerowin (Independent Director)
  • Jay Y. Lee (Independent Director)
  • Sergio Marchionne
  • Alessandro Nasi
  • Lupo Rattazzi
  • Giuseppe Recchi (Independent Director)
  • Eduardo Teodorani-Fabbri
  • Michelangelo Volpi (Independent Director)

Furthermore, the said shareholder has filed the following list of candidates for the appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors of EXOR:

Section 1 (candidates as Standing Auditors)

  • Sergio Duca
  • Nicoletta Paracchini
  • Paolo Piccatti

Section 2 (candidates as Alternate Auditors)

  • Giorgio Ferrino
  • Ruggero Tabone

In case no other list is filed within the stated dead-line, EXOR reports that, pursuant to the by-law, the dead-line to file the list of the candidates for the appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors has been postponed to May, 7th 2012 and the minimum share ownership required is reduced to 0.75% of the ordinary shares.

Attached here are the biographies of the new candidates. The biographies of the other candidates can be found on the website

Vittorio Avogadro di Collobiano

Vittorio Avogadro di Collobiano is Vice President for International Sales of gas in ENI. He is responsible for sales planning, marketing and multi country customers.

He worked in Germany for 2 years (2007 – 2009) as Marketing & Sales Manager for the wholesale of refinement products.

Between 2001 and 2007 he held the position of Sales Manager in the Publishing Group Il Sole24ore. He also had various roles as Marketing Manager in Ferrari (trademark licensing – 5 years), Danone Group (mineral water- 4 years) and Magnetti Marelli ( Europe – 3 years).

Achieved high school diploma in French and a Bachelor degree in Business Administration at SAA University of Turin.

Giuseppina Capaldo

Giuseppina Capaldo is a Private Law Institutions Professor. She was born in Rome in 1969, and graduated in Economics (1991) and Law (1993). She is a lawyer, an auditor and an accountant.

She is Vice Chancellor at the University of Rome La Sapienza for strategic planning since 2008 and has been Director of Law and Economics department since 2007.

She has been also Director of the Master “The new rules for intermediaries, issuers and financial markets” since 2009.

She was also a member of the Board of Directors for Assicurazioni di Roma (Adir) from June 2006 to October 2010. She has also been on the board of Istituto Pasteur – Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti since 2010.

She is member of executive and scientific bodies of non-profit organizations and of research institutions. She has worked professionally mainly in the area of Banking & Finance, Corporate, Insurance, Contracts and M&A.

She has published numerous monographs and essays on civil and business law, bank contracts and derivative instruments.

Mina Gerowin

Born in New York, Ms Gerowin has an A.B. from Smith College in Political Economy, a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School where she was a Baker Scholar.

She practised law in Switzerland and New York then worked as Investment Banker in International Mergers and Acquisitions at Lazard Frères in New York and Paris. Ms Gerowin formed her own consulting and investing company, completing five LBO transactions and participated in their direction as an officer and director. After their sale she consulted internationally.

Ms. Gerowin is currently a Managing Director and partner of Paulson Europe LLP in London working on event, credit, distressed, recovery and merger arbitrage. She joined Paulson & Co. in 2004, helping establish the hedge fund's Event fund.

Jay Y. Lee

Born in 1968. A Korean national, he earned a bachelor’s degree in History from Seoul National University in Korea and an MBA from Keio University in Japan. He also attended the doctoral program at Harvard Business School. He began his career with Samsung Electronics in 1991, and became Chief Customer Officer in 2007. Since December 2009, he has served as Chief Operating Officer, overseeing the alignment of the company’s business units spanning both branded electronics products and components, and leading Samsung’s outreach in forging strategic industry partnerships and alliances. He also assumed the title of President from December 2010.

Eduardo Teodorani-Fabbri

Eduardo Teodorani-Fabbri is Senior Vice President of CNH Global N.V at present.

Born in Rome in 1965 he obtained a high school diploma at the Collegio Navale F. Morosini of Venice, and he graduated in Economics at La Sapienza University of Rome.

During his studies he gained professional experience at Lazard & Frères Bank in New York and at the trading company Safic Alcan of London. He began his career in 1991 at Fiat corporate finance department in Turin. Then he worked for three years in Spain in consumer credit companies, Fidis Group. In 1995 he joined New Holland, London, nowadays CNH, in which he served in various roles, among which were carried out in the USA in Chicago offices over a three-year period.

He is currently a member of the Board of IVECO SpA, Maserati SpA and AON SpA.

He is also Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in UK and Ireland.

Michelangelo Volpi

Mike Volpi has been a partner at Index Ventures since 2009. He is focused on investments in the enterprise software infrastructure and consumer Internet sectors. Mike led the investment by Index Ventures in (now part of Citrix) and is currently a director of Sonos, Soundcloud, Lookout, Path, Big Switch Networks, Zuora, Hortonworks, and StorSimple. Mike is also on the board of Ericsson.

Mike began his career at Hewlett Packard's optoelectronics division. From 1994, Mike performed in various executive roles for 13 years at Cisco Systems. He served as the company's Chief Strategy Officer, where he was responsible for Cisco's corporate strategy as well as business development, strategic alliances, advanced Internet projects, legal services, and government affairs. During this tenure, Mike was instrumental in the creation of the company's acquisition and investment strategies, as Cisco acquired more than 70 companies. He then became Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Routing and Service Provider Technology Group, where he led Cisco's business for the Service Provider market, and was also responsible for all of Cisco's routing products. In 2007, this was an $11 billion business for Cisco.

Prior to Index, Mike was the CEO of Joost – an innovator in the field of premium video services delivered over the Internet. He has master’s and bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Sergio Duca

He graduated in Management and Business Administration at Bocconi University (Milan). He is a professional accountant and an auditor. He is a registered expert and consultant of the Court.

He is a director of Autostrada Torino Milano; since 2007 he has been also serving as Chairman of the Board of Orizzonte SGR S.p.A. He is also Chairman of the Board of statutory auditors of Lottomatica S.p.A. and of Enel S.p.A.

He is also head auditor of Fondazione Silvio Tronchetti Provera and of Compagnia di San Paolo. He is a member of the auditors’ board of ISPI (Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale) and of Fondazione Intesa San Paolo Onlus. He is a member of the supervisory board of Fondazione del Piemonte per l'Oncologia.

Nicoletta Paracchini

She graduated in Management and Business Administration at University of Turin. She is registered as a professional accountant in the “Ordine di Torino” and she is also a professional auditor. She is an expert and a consultant at the Court of Turin and a member of the Arbitration Chamber of the Turin Chamber of Commerce.

At present she is Chairman of the Board of statutory auditors of Aston and of Agrimonia. She is also, among other things, Standing Statutory Auditor of the following companies: Ebi, Logistica 93, Sicme Motori, Lavazza Coffee Shops and Fiat Abarth. She is also auditor of Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte, Alliance Française di Torino, Associazione Casa Oz Onlus, Associazione per la Musica De Sono, Fondazione Carlo Longo and Gruppo Sportivo Allegra.

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