Exor’s approach to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) matters derives from its purpose of building great companies, because we expect that a great company should “act in a responsible way”. 

Companies that act in a responsible way:

  • Align with best practices and reporting frameworks
  • Identify priorities, set targets, measure and report progress
  • Continue to raise the bar
  • Aspire to industry ESG leadership

Exor groups its ESG approach in three parts: Foundations, Passions and Communication.

Exor’s passions are derived from material and historically significant topics that Exor and its companies have tackled over many years, much of which is detailed in their respective Sustainability Reports.

We will follow these passions within Exor itself and encourage our companies, both public and private, to do the same.

The contribution of our passions to the UN SDGs will also be communicated at both a holding and group level.

Exor will continue to communicate openly and transparently about its ESG activities through the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards under the Core option, which have been implemented since 2019.

Our Board will oversee Exor’s ESG activities through the ESG Committee who will:

  • Guide and oversee Exor’s work on ESG
  • Help Exor champion progress on ESG with its companies
  • Oversee Exor’s ESG reporting approach

Alongside our ESG activities, Exor will continue to look for investment opportunities within the ESG space, building on our recent experience of such investments.

Exor will continue to hone its approach to ESG over the coming years as it recognises that this is a critical responsibility for Exor and for its companies. Please find here, Exor’s Sustainability Report which forms part of the 2020 Annual Report.

For more information regarding Exor’s key policies, please visit: ‘Corporate Regulations’.